Tales by Mark Andersen

Where in Texas has King Arthur gone?


Merlin the magician sleeps for fifteen hundred years…until his mystical connection to the mind of legendary King Arthur awakens him. Finally, the time has come to find the lost king and return him to his ancient destiny: saving the Britons in their hour of greatest peril.
The quest leads Merlin to Houston, Texas, where his link to Arthur becomes hopelessly tangled. The snarl centers on Alfred, a laid-off engineer suffering his own existential crisis. After Merlin coerces his help, they follow their only clue to a suburb called The Woodlands.
As they unravel the secrets of Arthur’s present life, returning the king to to his own time becomes harder. Now Merlin must find a way to reconcile free will with fate—and repair history’s tapestry.

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Get a free copy of Merlin’s Shuttle, the short story prequel to Merlin’s KnotClick here.



Merlin stowed away on the wrong container ship.
When a hurricane moves into its path, he must use all his magical powers to save the ship and reach Houston safely.



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