9: The Last Gonzo Joy Ride to the End of the Galaxy

Episode 9

“Gods, Damitol. We’ll be remembered as gods.”

Testicleeze couldn’t keep either his tentacles or his auric tendrils still. In his excitement his aura cycled among amethyst, lime and vivid yellow. Damitol kept hers under a little better control; it only flashed between dull and brilliant tangerine.

“Rock gods?” She tried to keep her tone from sounding cynical.

“Gods for rocks! Especially you. I would never have figured out that was a baby.”

She shook her head. “We still don’t know for sure. You never got anything from your universal translator, did you? Maybe it was just a short rock … person.”

“No. You gave the baby to a parent. Even I could see that.”

“Right, Testicleeze. You could read their very expressive and emotional faces.” Damitol punched him as she smiled.

“I don’t need a universal translator to recognize an expression of real and deep affection.”

“Oh?” Damitol stroked the tentacle she had just punched. “When did you learn that from the grinzats?”

Testicleeze took her tentacle in two of his, his aura calming into pale lavender. “I learned it from you.”

Damitol leaned toward him, their visualizers almost touching. “You’re so sweet.”

Not for the first time, Testicleeze wondered if they would flork into the same type of being. He hoped so. Although they had gender, they had no distinguished sexual organs until they underwent the change. He often thought about becoming her mate in whatever new form they took. But talking about that subject embarrassed everyone.

Or maybe the grinzats had just made the topic uncomfortable to keep the young in line.

Either way, the moment passed.

Damitol asked, “Where to next?”

“Move away from this sun. We haven’t really looked around here, yet.”

She concentrated on slipping the junger out of the local gravitational well, while he pulled several scanners from his bag of technotoys. By the time the sun shone only a little brighter than other stars around the hop-junger, he’d found something.

“Oh, you’ll like this,” he said.

EPI9-blue_bubble_02262016WEBHe handed her the enhancer and pointed it in the right direction. After a moment, she cooed.

“It’s lovely.”

“It’s a nebula of some sort. The blue has to be interstellar dust, you know, hydrogen, helium and such.”

“It looks like a ring.”

“It might be a sphere. We just see the color at the outer rim from our perspective. The rest is too thin to see well, but there is a blue haze that could be the outer surface of a hollow sphere.”

“I’d rather think of it as a ring,” she murmured.

Testicleeze stared at her while she continued to look at the nebula through the enhancer. He decided to hell with the grinzats and their rules.

“Damitol, will you accept this ring as yours? From me?”

Her aura muted almost into invisibility.

“Can you … do that?” Her tentative voice sounded almost as insubstantial as her aura.

He rubbed her head with a tentacle. “I’ve never heard of anyone else seeing this. Much less claiming it. I claim it and give it to you. Damitol’s ring.”

“Thank you, Testicleeze. But that isn’t what I meant.”

“I know that. I don’t care what the grinzats say. I want us to become mates.”

“After we flork,” she said.

“After we flork.”

“Then, the ring should belong to both of us.”

“What should we call it? Damitol-Testicleeze ring? That sucks as a name.”

“The Ring of Damicleeze.”

The name had a good sound. Their auras joined together, matching the soft blue of their nebula. As they continued to gaze at it, Testicleeze made still images from the enhancer.

After a time, they ate and rested in one another’s tentacles, taking turns to look at the Ring of Damicleeze through the enhancer.


Image of Wolf-Rayet star WR31a and its nebula from NASA.

Stay tuned for the next stop in the joy rides of Damitol and Testicleeze. Tell me what you think of Damitol and Testicleeze. Be sure to read the earlier posts, starting here.

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I’ve put a glossary of gonzo terms here. The full list of episodes of Gonzo Joy Ride can be found here.


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