Cover reveal for Merlin’s Weft

So, what’s more exciting than publishing my first book? After all, when one’s first book becomes available, the hard work is no longer just a few random blips of imagination. No, that first publication showed that my imagination could lead to something tangible: a story that is now out in the world for other people to enjoy.

But even more exciting is the second book’s publication. That proves to me that I can tell not just one story, but a second. And if a second, then there’s going to be a third. And so on. The first publication date brought as much trepidation as excitement, but as the second one approaches, the trepidation has abated and happy anticipation reigns. Writing is not just a fancy, it’s a career.


Publication of the second book in my series, Merlin’s Weft, is scheduled for the middle part of November. Today, I can reveal the cover of the book. It shows Merlin in battle against a dragonon. No, that’s not a misspelling. The beast is a man ensorcelled to look and fly like a fire-breathing dragon. I like the cover. A lot.

Let me talk briefly about the two books.

In Merlin’s Knot, the first book, Merlin found Alfred, whose threads were hopelessly tangled with those of Ambrosius, the King Arthur of legend. Except neither Alfred nor anyone else in contemporary Houston had ever heard of King Arthur. Merlin had to find Ambrosius and send him back to his own time to fulfill his destiny; one theme of the book is the conflict between free will and fate. The book forms a complete story arc with no cliffhanger. Nonetheless, it opened the door for a sequel.

A different character with different concerns takes center stage in Merlin’s Weft. The book asks a question: how do you heal a broken soul? Adele suffered from multiple personalities, most of them spun off during traumas she suffered as a child. Merlin and Neve, a healer, stitched those pieces back together. Now, the new woman must form her single personality before outside forces wreck her mind once again. And yes, the dragonon is one of those outside forces.

Watch this space for more news about Merlin’s Weft.

Merlin’s Knot is available on


About andersen52

I am author of the contemporary fantasy series Merlin's Thread. The first novel is Merlin's Knot.
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