Mark Andersen has been a professional writer since 1999. He wrote fiction briefly before turning to scientific writing for eleven years. He has now returned to writing fiction.

Mark Andersen

He was executive editor of the technology journal Oilfield Review ( for nine years, and was a journal editor for two years before that. The title of editor is partially misleading for that journal, since each year he wrote several 8000-word technical articles. He spent three to four months researching each topic and talking with experts, and then he ghost-wrote the article. In addition, he edited the work of other journal staff members. As executive editor, Mark was also the business manager for the journal, overseeing all aspects of its editorial plan, production and distribution as well as the staff of editors.

Mark has a PhD in Physics, earned at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He worked as a research scientist for Amoco Production Company starting in 1981 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, then in Stavanger, Norway, and Houston, Texas. He joined Schlumberger at the Oilfield Review in 2000, and later served as a core physics domain expert for the company. He retired in 2015.

His writing interests are diverse, including both short stories and novels. Current book-length projects include a Hitchcockian story of an “everyman lost in a web of intrigue,” and an imagining of Merlin appearing in Houston seeking (and finding) King Arthur.

Mark lives in Houston with his wife Holly.